Terms of Service

The Website

Seeder.com (Website) is operated by Medellic S.A. (We, Us).

We have selected the best available online courses, with the intention to deliver the best possible e-learning experience to the Website visitors (You), and to help You avoid the loss of time and energy from purchasing a course that may not meet your expectations.

Medellic S.A. is an official affiliate partner of Udemy, Inc. Every course advertised on the Website is part of an affiliate marketing offer, which is how we make money in cooperation with Udemy. Our visitors have no extra cost of any kind whatsoever due to purchasing courses through our offers. In fact, whenever we can, we deliver extra benefits and discounts directly from the courses’ instructors.

Medellic S.A. does not have ownership of the courses displayed on the Website. These courses belong to their instructors, and are stored on the servers used by Udemy.


We do not process any payment and your payment information is not accessible to us.

Money-back guarantee

Per Udemy’s policies, all courses displayed on our site come with a 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. Be advised that this guarantee is provided by Udemy, and not by Us. If you are unsatisfied with a course you’ve purchased, you are free to request a refund from Udemy within 30 days after the purchase.


Seeder.com uses tracking scripts called cookies in order to enable the affiliate service (Rakuten Marketing LLC.) between Udemy and Us to trace sales directed to Udemy from the Website. These cookies are harmless to computers, and become expired after 7 days, in accord with Udemy’s affiliate policy.

Collecting data

We also use anonymous data-collecting services (e.g. Google Analytics). These services gather information about the internet network, device type, operating system, browser you use, among others. This data is anonymous, and complies with all legal requirements, in accord with Google’s policies.

Updates in this document

Medellic S.A. reserves the right to change its policies to more accurately reflect its interests, and if required by its partners in order to continue pursuing its business endeavors on the Website. In such event we create a temporary information about the change on our homepage as well as our landing-pages.